Factory design

In the wooden industry, with the main focus Glued Timber industry.
With pleasure we accompany your projects from the first idea up to operation on target performance.

Main focus Glued Timber industry means primarily:
- Solid Construction Timber 
- Duo / Trio beam
- Glulam
- Cross Laminated Timber

Here it doesn't matter, whether you plan only one small technical rebuilding or want to establish a completely new factory on green field.

Project phases can be:
- Development of the first concepts with regard to:
     Competitive situation and market prices,
     Procurement of raw materials
     Machine equipment
     Internal and external logistics,
    Channels of distribution and marketing
- Feasibility study with regard to:
     Market and procurement
     Local circumstances
- Verifying of promotion possibilities; Issue of business plans
- Layout planning of the technical equipment as well as development of new
     machine concepts or manufacturing methods
- Fine planning in cooperation with plant suppliers
- Tendering, negotiations as well as assignment to supplier
- Attendance of assembly and commissioning as long as needed till quantity and
     quality target is fulfilled
- Employee's training
- Support the sales development

We have already successfully supported numerous national and international companies,
mainly in Europe incl. Russian Federation, as well as
in Canada and the USA and even in Africa we attend to customers.